5 Secrets to Healthier Relationships

5 secrets

Healthy relationships may seem elusive, especially if you find yourself in a failed relationship after failed relationship. Happy relationships are the result of two people who have worked hard to achieve a better understanding of each other. To improve your own relationship, take a look at the following 5 secrets to better and happier relationships.


Communicate often–and effectively

One of the most common reasons for a breakdown in relationships is the inability to communicate effectively. Problems can arise when you are unable to address problems in your relationship: disagreements, differences in values, and opposing views.

If you learn how to actually communicate with your partner, you’ll find that these problems can be resolved in a short period of time.


Show your partner love after the honeymoon phase

People often go through what is called a “honeymoon phase” in a relationship. This honeymoon phase is very love-oriented with grand expressions of affection. Once the phase is over, it’s all too common for couples to forget how to be romantic and affectionate.

The key to a healthy relationship is remembering that love needs to be expressed regularly, even through small gestures such as surprise gifts, physical affection, and appreciation that show your partner you care about them.


Establish regular space apart to obtain healthier relationships

Couples need to spend time together–and time apart. When you forget to cultivate regular individual space, you may find yourself feeling smothered in a relationship. This can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration, and annoyance with your partner.

The key to establishing regular space apart is to make time for your personal hobbies and individual friendships. Try to take one day out of the whole week to have fun with other friends or peers.


Control feelings of distrust and jealousy

Feelings of distrust and jealousy are some of the most common reasons for the disintegration of a relationship. It’s important to control your feelings of distrust and jealousy, as these can lead to feelings of resentment and annoyance.

If you find it hard to control these feelings on your own, you may want to seek out a relationship therapist who can give you the tools for controlling these emotions.


Cultivate respect and understanding

The most overlooked aspects of a happy relationship are the cultivation of respect and understanding. You need to be able to understand your partner in order to overcome problems in your relationship. For example, these include feelings of jealousy, lack of affection, and differences in life goals or values.

When you make an effort to better understand your partner, you will find it much easier to resolve these issues. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes will show them that you are not dismissing their personal values and feelings.

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