5 Tips for Building Healthier Relationships

tips for healthier relationships

Whether you are dealing with a coworker, friend, or family member, maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult. Two individuals can’t always see eye to eye and disagreements may arise often resulting in feelings of resentment.

Everyday stress can also have an adverse effect on your relationships. However, when you have a healthy relationship you can weather the occasional disagreement and outside stress while keeping your relationship strong.

Here are 5 tips to help you build healthier relationships:

  1. Communication-

    Communication is important in every relationship. It is the way we express our needs to another person as well as the way we solve problems. By openly discussing the important things in your life with the other person in the relationship, you will have a better understanding of one another. Communicating with one another allows for compromises and for the free expression of ideas and feelings.

  2. Respect-

    Every healthy relationship has respect for one another as it is a standard foundation. Respect includes understanding and accepting of your partner’s personal values even if those values are different than your own. When you show respect, you allow the other person to feel good about themselves.

  3. Support-

    In a healthy relationship, whether business or personal, supporting one another is essential. By supporting each other through achievements and failures, it shows the other party that their well being is as important as your own. Supporting one another through thick and thin helps strengthen your partnership. This creates positive feelings that allow you to accomplish more as a team than on your own.

  4. Appreciation-

    Many relationships fail because one partner fails to express appreciation for the other partner. Appreciation is a good way to show that you notice the other person’s efforts and that those efforts have value to you. Showing an honest appreciation for the other person’s efforts not only allows them to feel good about themselves, but actually encourages them to work harder towards a common goal that you both share.

  5. Trust-

    Trusting in your partner is important in every relationship. In a work situation, trusting in your coworker to do his/her part of the job allows room for growth.  It also makes for a stronger bond where you can feel free to ask questions, request for help, or bounce ideas off one another. In a personal relationship, trusting that the other party values the relationship as much as you do makes it easier to compromise in certain situations. It will also give your partner a chance to open up in your conversation together.

All too often we get caught up in our daily life activities. Due to this reason alone, we let our relationships slide. However, through building healthier relationships we tend to be happier with our lives. When we are able to handle our relationships with people, everything else that follows usually seems to fall in place.

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