Appreciation Is Key To A Successful Business

appreciation is key to success

Whether you own a business or manage a group of people, showing appreciation for your employees’ efforts can improve both your company’s morale and productivity.

Employees from all kinds of companies don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed. The feeling of unappreciation will make an employee quit before long.  He or she might even end up working for a company who is your competitor.

Appreciation is not about giving large bonuses or special plaques.

It can be as simple as a “good job” or “thank you.” It can actually be more meaningful to an employee than extra money in their paycheck because it seems more personal.

In fact, if you ask both employees and employers to list their professional values, you will find that appreciation will be on the majority of lists. How does feeling appreciated at work improve job satisfaction and productivity?

  • You feel more part of the team-

    Employees experience more job satisfaction when they are invested in the business they work for. When employees feel appreciated they feel as though they achieving success with the compan.

  • Being appreciated makes employees feel as though the work they do is important-

    Every employee wants to feel that their contributions to the company are important. When their efforts are rewarded, it makes the employee feel as if the work they do is important and meaningful.

  • The more appreciation an employee feels, the harder they work-

    The more appreciation an employee feels the harder they tend to work because they feel good about the work they do and feel that it is important.

  • Less Absenteeism-

    When an employee feels that their work is appreciated, they tend to enjoy coming to work because working is a positive experience. This reduces absenteeism, which in turn increases productivity.

To make an employee feel appreciated in the workplace, learn what type of recognition makes each employee tick. For some, a written note may mean the world while for others a personal verbal sign of approval would suffice.

In today’s businesses, hiring and retaining valuable employees is key. Showing appreciation is one of the guaranteed ways to the employee’s loyalty. It is also important to ensure that they experience satisfaction in their job and feel suitable in your company.

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