The Importance Of Creativity In Adults And Children

creativity in adults and children

Creativity is the most important character trait a human being can possess. Yet as we grow older we tend to stifle our creativeness until it is almost non-existent in most of us. A 1968 study on creativity showed that children between 3 to 5 years were 98%, while at 10 years old was only 30%, and down to 2% in adults.

Why There is Such A Large Drop In Creativity Levels

There are a number of reasons why creativity levels drop as we get older. For one thing the older we get the more we are expected to understand and follow certain rules and regulations. While rules are necessary for society to get along, they do tend to stifle creativity.

In addition, while in very young children we encourage imagination. As children begin to grow, we expect and encourage them to live more in reality. Without free imagination, our ability to create dwindles since it is our imagination that allows us to think outside the box.

Why Creativity is Important

While most people think of creative people as those having special talents such as artists, musicians, and writers. Nothing can be further from the truth than that logic. Everyone has some creativity buried within them and it can be brought out when it is encouraged and fostered.

Being able to create is necessary for any society to grow and thrive. It is what allows us to solve problems. Invent everything from culinary dishes to our greatest technological adventures.

With our ability to be creative being so important in our lives, how do we encourage this in both children and adults? As it turns out, there are actually some really simple ways to help both children and adults tap into their hidden gifts.

Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children and Adults

  • Allow for some downtime-

    In today’s busy world, we tend to overbook our lives and the lives of our children. Between work, social commitments, sports, and clubs for ourselves many families are busy from sunrise to sundown. Making time for an hour or two of downtime each day in which nothing is scheduled can be beneficial to bring forth the creativity hidden in all of us. When both children and adults have nothing to do, they will come up with creative ways to entertain themselves.

  • Open-ended play-

    Providing your children and yourself with items that encourage open-ended play can also help encourage creativity. Something as simple as a ball, or modeling clay will force yourself and your child to come up with creative games to play.

  • Brainstorming-

    Businesses use brainstorming as a means of problem-solving and it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. When everyone starts throwing out ideas creativity becomes a part of the process. People generally come up with original ideas in an environment where creativeness is expected and appreciated.

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