Intimate Relationships Equal Successful Love Association

intimate relationships equal successful love association

Each and every one of us at some point has dreamed of finding and maintaining a perfect relationship. What if we are in an unhealthy relationship? How do we deal with the heartaches relationships sometimes bring?

The working dynamics of a good relationship are a mystery. It is a secret every one of us seeks to unravel. Sometimes it seems so complicated, challenging, and confusing.

There are three essential things to do order to have a successful relationship. They include gusto, intimacy, and purpose. By gusto I mean fun.

Relationships are meant to be fun!

Do you usually start out most relationships with a lot of fun times? Whether it is going out to dinner or just a lively talk; fun plays a big role in the relationship. But as life goes on in all relationships, the fun starts to die out at some point.

In order to restore a slagging or dying relationship, you need to ignite it with some enthusiasm. Ask yourself what were the fun things you did at the beginning of the relationship that brought you guys together? Now, commit to doing those again and witness the changes.

Have more intimacy in your relationships.

This doesn’t just mean sexual intimacy. It is meant for every practical sense, taking your relationship to a more profound level. Every mutually satisfying relationship has a level of depth to it that provides meaning.

Think back to when you first began your relationship with your spouse or friend. Most of the time was probably about sharing each other’s experiences. There was a profound feeling of fulfillment in the discovery of information about your partner. You liked who they were and you appreciated being known by them.

Often times we get too comfortable with our partners. We get to a certain level and the quest for profundity stops. We quit sharing sentiments, likes, and dislikes. It makes us stop sharing joys, dreams, and ideas then settle into a routine. The everyday routine assumes control and we quit knowing each other and just end up existing together.

There is a need for regular times of intimate connections. This may be particularly difficult for men to express it but it is healthy and well needed! If you want to have a healthy relationship, you have to open yourself up to your partner like you did at the beginning of the relationship.

Develop a purpose in your relationships.

The most important connections we have are those that are held together by a common purpose and vision for what the relationship can achieve.

When people have a common purpose they feel like they are part of a team and they feel a strong connection. Relationships with a purpose are much more likely to last. Having a purpose allows room to create strong bonds.

Think about your strongest relationships. Are they centered on at least one area of purpose or a common goal?

So in order to maintain a healthy relationship you have to invest in all three aspects.

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