Practice Generosity To Achieve Growth In Life

generosity is key to life

Whenever we hear someone is being generous, we automatically think of someone who gives freely of their money or time. Most of us have a friend who would generously pick up that lunch tab or volunteers to help organize a community party. While we certainly appreciate those gestures and the people who make them; the spirit of generosity is often overlooked and taken for granted.

What is the spirit of generosity?

Different people may define the generous spirit in different ways. It is basically the ability to find the best in people even in the worst circumstances. It is being truly happy for the success of others, and not envying them for what they have. It is the ability to view the world and those in it with potential and excitement seeing the great possibilities in each new day.

When you have the spirit of generosity, you are able to tolerate and accept different people’s beliefs and personal values while staying true to your own.

You treat the people you meet with kindness and without judgment regardless of how others may treat you. You are also quick to avoid disparaging remarks and entering into harmful gossips.

People who have a generous spirit find themselves happier and more satisfied with their lives because they are not always wishing they had what others have. They also find that being positive about those around them makes them feel more positive about themselves.

In short, they give themselves permission to find happiness within themselves and joy in others’ good fortune. Their kindness very often touches those around them that may be struggling with problems of their own.

How to achieve the spirit of generosity?

It would be easy to believe that some people are simply born with the spirit of giving while others are not. The truth is, it is something you learn and practice in life as part of your own personal core values. All it takes is the desire to practice those skills that lead you to become more spiritually generous.

You cannot change overnight, but change can come if you are committed to it. Start practicing with someone you have negative feelings about. Study that person and look for things about that person you like or admire and concentrate on those attributes.

Before long, you will find your feelings for that person begin to change from negative to positive. Once your feelings begin to change, you will then start treating that person with kindness and understanding.

It may take months or even years to change your negative and distrustful outlook in others.  At times, you may expect to undergo a massive change in your behaviors. If you keep at it daily, you may wake up one morning and realize that you that you are looking forward to the day and all that it has to offer with enthusiasm and joy.

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